This blog is generater from Markdown files by a script that converts every *.md file inside a directory using pandoc and a pandoc theme. So, it is entirely possible to blog with basic Linux commands and a terminal, wihout any complex CMS installation.

notifywait -q -e close_write,create -m pages |
while read -r directory events filename; do
        echo "Updating blog post $filename ..."
        pandoc pages/$filename -o ../`basename $filename .md`.html --template html.template --css kultiad-serif.css --self-contained --toc --toc-depth 2

The script above will recreate HTML documents for all the files, changed in the pages/ directory. This is done by telling inotifywait to watch over the pages/ directory and execute pandoc when an event is detected. The script has certain shortcomings, like if saving the file using vim, there will be muliple inotify events for the same file.

The generated HTML files now need to be hosted on a web server, for example nginx.

That's it, you have your own blog page. Posts are created, edited using your favourite terminal text editor.

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